Get a Brief Idea about the Cables and Connectors Used in Your PC

Get a Brief Idea about the Cables and Connectors Used in Your PC

The modern PCs come up with many exclusive components to enhance our device experience. We can have the list of them and the ports, cables, dual memory drives etc. will be included in that. Since the cables and connectors are very important aspect while operating a PC, we’ll discuss their varieties and characteristics.

USB Cables

In case of the computer functions, a few difficulties cometo our mind with the memory storage. Not every computer occupies a terra byte storage, so it becomes very difficult to hold all the important things together in one hard drive. Here, the importance of USB Cable comes to play. You can connect your mobile to the PC through this connector and share files. Now, it’s providing a new feature of charging so that you can charge your portable cellular device through it.

Modem Cables

Connectors can help you in various aspects. Imagine that you want to have an internet connection on your PC and your service provider has claimed that they have a deficiency of modem cable. No, you don’t need to worry in this case as you can buy the cable on your own. These are the cables which are attached directly to the device to assure a secure web connection. Recently, a new type of modem connector has appeared in the market named the null modem cable.

SATA Cable

The motherboard has been the most vital part of the PC. So, it’s quite natural that we need to get focused on its connections like the USB connection, PCI connection, Hard Drive connection etc. Here, the most important part is Hard Drive and optical drive connection. The Serial and Parallel Advanced Technology cables help them to do so.

Thunderbolt Cables

Get a Brief Idea about the Cables and Connectors Used in Your PC


People always try to save their time in this world of competition. You won’t allow someone to overtake you due to your laziness. Regarding the media transfer cables, most of us use the USB cables for quick transferring of media files. The powerful and latest USB version (USB 3.1) offers a speed of 10GBPS in the file sharing process. However, the developers were never satisfied with this speed as the major administrative and professional sectors demanded more. Here come the Thunderbolt cables which can offer a maximum speed of 40 GBPS in the media sharing aspect.

PS/2 Cables


These are another necessary connectors for the PCs. It happens many times that our keyboard or mouse gets faulty and we can’t do anything with those things. Some have the monetary capacity of fixing those faults by that time, but others don’t always bear the ability to do so. Hence, they can use some other Keyboard or Mouse and connect them through the PS/2 cables to get their job done. On the flipside, the laptops don’t offer such strong keyboard and mouse touchpads. So, you can use the external keyboard and mouse to assure less burden on the system.

So, we have acquired the knowledge of various types of cables and their characteristics. We have also known about their functions. If you need to know more about the crucial ATA cable, SATA, you can visit Layerpoint and go through the article.